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Nov 17
Lee Wally’s Log

Every Ship’s captain needs to have a record of where he’s gone and where he’s goin’!

LEE WALLY’S LOG                                                                                           Nov. 17, 2009


Those dratted kids! Draggin’ out that old map, riling my sense of adventure! Still, I guess I could give up a few days worth of nappin’ over my Lost River. (Don’t they understand that I named it the Lost River so’s that I could get lost in my hourly snooze?)


And come to think of it, I’ve not had much adventure so far this year…


But what will we need? And where do I get it? I might have some supplies left in storage—but they might be a bit dusty. Of course, I do have two new crew members to take care of those kinds of chores.  Maybe while I am making the list, Murphy and Pearl can begin cleaning out the storage closet. I think my portable hammock might be in there…




  • Treasure Map
  • Spyglass
  • Rations
  • Trusty old compass
  • Shovels
  • Rope
  • Rations
  • Rope
  • Drinking water
  • Rations

Do you think we’ll have enough rations? Maybe we’d better pack extra…

And while I’m at it, I might see about getting the old gang back together again. I’m sure Chico would be interested in a bit of adventure. If not him then maybe my ol’pal  Splash!

Here’s a coloring page of Splash–what do you think, will he be able to help us search for the treasure?

LEE WALLY’S LOG                                                                                            11/20/2009


Well, I’ve got my list of gear, and while I’m not certain I have enough rations packed, I’m pretty well satisfied with what we’ve got. My portable hammock had a hole in it, but I put Murphy right to work patchin’ it up. Miss Pearl got the chore of checkin’ and repairin’ the rope. We can’t have a frayed rope. That won’t do at all!

On a side note—I did manage to get a hold of Chico, Ollie, and even Splash. They were all excited about starting our quest once again. 

Pearl and Murphy, however, I can see they were a bit skeptical once they got a good look at my crew (for pictures of Ollie, Chico, Splash, and I in the old days, check out my photo album!).

I guess they weren’t expecting a crab, dolphin or octopus. Still, I know Chico and the others are dependable. Good pirates and even better mates.  A captain such as me couldn’t ask for a better crew!

I tucked Murphy and Pearl into their set of buccaneer bunks and I headed on down to the Galley for a tall glass of soda. A pirate needs to relax a bit before going on wild sea adventures!

(And I won’t tell you how many slices of pizza I had. Pirate has to keep up the energy, after all. Especially if he’s going to be captaining a ship as great as The Adventure!)


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