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Nov 20
Birthday Parties at Big Splash Adventure!

bdaypartyFront Desk Agent Aaren is booking yet another birthday party! It’s for a seven year old boy, so the icing is going to be bright blue! bdaykids

Here at Big Splash Adventure we have several different birthday cake options! We have three sizes, serving anywhere from 12 people to 60! Chocolate and vanilla cakes are available with a variety of icing colors to choose from.


Most people add either chocolate or vanilla ice cream to their party, too. (I personally prefer the orange Dip’n’dots ice cream that we have in the arcade!) Pizza, soda, balloons, and arcade tokens are also available as part of our birthday party options.

The party Aaren is booking is a large one—they’ll be set up in our Crow’s Nest. It looks out over the water park and can seat over one hundred people!

Mary, from the Seaside Market, is in charge of creating the birthday party gift buckets that are available. She does a great job and the buckets include fun things such as popcorn, gifts, and balloons!


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