Year Round Family Fun



Jul 19
Who’s In For Some Fun?

Ahoy mi matties!  Have you seen the pics of the new Miniature Golf and Lazer Tag Big Splash Adventure is addin?  Construction began last week and mi mates are super excited!  This added feature will be a great way to spend your time when you aren’t shippin out with mi…Lee Wally!  The facility will be equipped with a 19 hole outdoor miniature golf course, 19 hole indoor miniature golf course, Lazer Tag course, and small arcade!  Talk about fun!  Check out some of mi pics:

The Outdoor Course will consist of LOTS of water and waterfalls.  The Indoor Course will be wizard and dragon themed!  Mi and mi mates cannot wait!  Can’t wait to try out mi rusty golfclubs!  I bet they will create some packages up at Big Splash too!

Until next time,

Lee Wally