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May 27

Wow, it only took about 6 minutes for us to have our 20 winners!  Congratulations everyone and thanks for playing.  Here are the winners for this week:
Linn-$150 Gift Card
Sean-$100 Gift Card
Aaron-$50 Gift Card
Hilary-4 day passes
Sheila-4 day passes
Joan-4 day passes
Wanda-4 day passes
Natalie-4 day passes
Edie-4 day passes
Kara-4 day passes
Janet-4 day passes
Doris-4 day passes
Emily-4 day passes
Jamie-4 day passes
Laura-4 day passes
Nina-4 day passes
Miranda-4 day passes
Paula-4 day passes
Kim-4 day passes
Danichelle-4 day passes

The following people won additional chances in our grand prize drawing:

Winners will receive an email today.  We are still waiting on some contact information from previous weeks so please check your spam folders.  Grand prize drawing will be announced on Wednesday June 1st.  Watch the blog and Facebook on Wednesday to see if you are a winner!



May 27
Water Safety Tip

Pay attention to local weather conditions and forecasts. Stop swimming at the first indication of bad weather.

Be one of the first 20 to post BINGO in the comments and win!  Good Luck and thanks for participating in our Water Safety Bingo Contest!  Remember to always be “water aware”!



May 26
Bingo Pics

A water safety tip will be posted tomorrow (5/27).  Be one of the first 20 people to post BINGO to win!  Good Luck!



May 25
Bingo Pics



May 24
Bingo Pics for today : )



May 23
Pictures and card for Bingo Week 4!

Download our last Bingo Card #4 and play along.  Todays pictures are below:



May 23
Bingo Week 4!

Join our last week of Water Awareness Bingo.  In recognition of the popularity of swimming and other water-related recreational activities in the U.S., the month of May is National Water Safety Month!  In honor of Water Safety Month, Big Splash Adventure has created a game of water safety tips! Join us as we play Water Awareness Bingo!  This contest will consist of $10,000 worth of prizes!  Download the bingo card and play along for the chance to win gift cards, day passes, and overnight stays!  Become a fan of Big Splash Adventure on Facebook to increase your chances of winning.  Here is how to play:

1.  Download our first Water Awareness Bingo Card by clicking Bingo Card #4.  

2.  Monday through Thursday, pictures from the bingo card will be periodically placed on our blog and Facebook page.

3.  Follow the directions on your downloaded BINGO card to win.  This week a vertical line will need to get BINGO.

4.  Friday (5/27), a water safety tip will be placed on the blog and Facebook page.  The first 20 people with BINGO to post on the blog will win the prize for the week and be entered to win the grand prize, a FREE overnight stay in a Double Splash room complete with water park passes and a full hot breakfast for 4 people!

Rules and Restrictions:  Each person is only eligible to win 1 prize during the 4 week contest, but weekly winners can continue playing to earn additional chances to win the grand prize.  Black out dates will apply on New Year’s Eve for the free overnight stays.  Comments must be placed on the blog to win, comments placed on Facebook will not be accepted.  Rules subject to change.



May 20
Winners Week 3

Congratulations to our week 3 winners!  You should all have received emails!  Join us again next week for the final week!

Martha-$150 Gift Card
Missy-$100 Gift Card
Joyce-$50 Gift Card
Kaylee-$50 Gift Card
Troy-4 Day Passes
Candie-4 Day Passes
Lori-4 Day Passes
Shawn-4 Day Passes
Margaret-4 Day Passes
Dan-4 Day Passes
Lynn-4 Day Passes
Jamie-4 Day Passes
Helen-4 Day Passes
Stephanie-4 Day Passes
Whitney-4 Day Passes
Donna-4 Day Passes
Amanda-4 Day Passes
Ayden-4 Day Passes
Ann-4 Day Passes
Bill – 4 Day Passes



May 20
Water Safety Tip!

Always read and obey all posted signs around water!



May 19
Bingo Today!

I know most of you will have a BINGO after today’s pictures.  Remember you will have to wait until Friday when the water safety tip is posted to WIN.  Be one of the first 20 to post on the water tip to win.  Comments posted on other posts will not count!



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