Year Round Family Fun



Dec 31
Santa Checks out and Happy New Year

Howdy Mates, my good friend Santa checked out this morning : (  However, he had such a good time on my ship that he has decided to come back again next year!  Hopefully I will get a little something special for Christmas for getting him such a good deal!  We are gearing up for the big New Year’s Celebration tonight!  It is going to be a blast…not to mention a beach ball drop, frisbees, t-shirts, noise makers, and plenty of party hats!  I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year with all of my friends here at Big Splash.  Until next year…Lee Wally



Dec 26
Santa Starts His Vacation

Santa Claus made his way to the front desk this morning to start his vacation from delivering presents. The Front Office Manager, Tricia, said when Santa Claus checked in at 9:50am he appeared very Holly, Jolly and Exhausted.



Dec 10
Lee wally’s Log

Yo Matie’s the weather outside is getting cold and frightful, but yet Christmas time is soooo Delightful , and then as the song goes let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… That’s fine because here at BIG SPLASH ADVENTURE where my ship has landed it is 82 degrees and sunny year round . The water is warm , and we are Splashing and playing, and ready for SANTA…