Year Round Family Fun



Nov 30
Fun in…the snow?

I just got some interesting news.

Being so close to Ski Paoli Peaks, it’s only natural that we do something in conjunction with the ski mecca of Indiana this coming winter season. Apparently that’s exactly what we are going to do!

A tubing/splashing combo sounds wonderful to me!tubeclip

watertubeWell…I spoke with V., from the Marketing dept at Paoli Peaks—and a good friend of mine—to see what they had to offer. She was just as excited as I was!



We do need to work out more specifics such as pricing and scheduling and all the what-not, but it tubingdefinitely looks good as soon as the snow arrives!

We here at Big Splash love tropical weather and the temperature in our Water Park reflects that. Going from the chill of the Peaks to the thrill of our park sounds like the ultimate adventure to me! (Plus the  warmth of the water park will help me thaw out from all that playing in the snow I plan to do!)

I’m truly excited to be a part of creating the Resort’s packages and activities, from the Peaks tubing package this winter to the Holiday World package this summer—and everything in between—Big Splash Adventure in 2010 promises to be a fun and, well, adventurous, place to be!



Nov 23
I’m hungry…

Like I’ve said before–I love hotels and resorts. You can find almost anything you need within a good hotel/resort. Here at Big Splash Adventure, it’s no exception.

Have a toothache? The Seaside Market has several different pain relievers to choose from (trust me, I know!). They also have games, beach towels, t-shirts, and stuffed animals, just to name a few things!

When it comes to food, the choices at Big Splash Adventure are virtually endless. We have the Boat Yard Restaurant and the Galley, just to start. The Boat Yard has wonderful sandwiches on the menu (my personal favorite is the Reuben!), as well as salads, pasta, and chicken. And that’s just a handful of the options on the menu. There’s also a children’s menu that features the absolute best chicken strips!

But the Boat Yard is not for me today. No, today I am camping in the arcade (my second favorite caleb arcadeplace in the hotel besides the adult’s only hot tub!).  Fortunately, the arcade is right next to The Galley.


Now my only question is what will it be today?

Pulled BBQ pork sandwich is always a favorite of mine. Especially when combined with Big Splash’s home-cooked potato chips that always have  just the right amount of salt for my liking.

But then again…a pepperoni and pineapple pizza is always a beautiful choice…Or Bosco Sticks, bread sticks stuffed with pepperoni and served with dipping sauce.  I do love breadsticks…

Still…potato chips sound really  good…

I’ll be back in a few minutes…it’s lunch time.pork sandwich

(Ok. I’m back…I decided on the pork BBQ and potato chips! Always a good choice!)



Nov 20
SVYL Part 2

Wow! Last night’s Springs Valley Youth League’s Annual Sports Banquet was an absolute blast!

SVYL CrowdWe had more attendees than we expected so space was a bit limited (and our pizza ovens got quite  a workout! I tasted the results, too. Excellent, as always!). I had to wait  for half the crowd to leave the Port Room before I could pop in and snap a shot. Liz setting up.   



I did catch our Director of Sales, Liz, doing a few last minute setup tasks…

I don’t think she knew I was there…

I also popped into the water park to see how things were going before the event got too far under way. It had been a while since I’d been there after the sun set, but the atmosphere was svyl sports from crow's nestNight pic 1awesome! It looks a lot different (but just as fun) during the day.

I probably should have watched where I was going since I was dressed in street clothes and carrying the digital camera at the time…This is what I ‘ran into':
Buccaneer Bay has ALOT of water...

Buccaneer Bay has ALOT of water...

I found one SVYL player who looked extremely familiar. There, right in the middle of our activity pool was Trey, Liz’s four year old son. Trey!










All the crew here at Big Splash are all glad that Trey and the SVYL players & families had a great time!

We look forward to seeing them again next year!



Nov 19
Springs Valley Youth League

The hotel and water park are buzzing today! We are excited to welcome the Springs Valley Youth League for their annual sports banquet, and preparations for tonight’s event are well under way! They’ll be joining us here at the Resort for pizza and drinks, their trophy presentations, and then some fun in the water park!

Almost three hundred kids participated in the SVYL’s season and over two hundred kids are expected to attend tonight’s event–along with parents and siblings, of course!

Chairs can be set up either theater-style like they are here, or banquet-style!

conference roomhallway setupI took one of my daily strolls around the Resort just to see what was going on…here’s a few shots of what I found!  

Crews have been hard at work setting up our largest conference room to hold the attendees.


I also took a stroll through the water park to see how preparations were going in there…I timed my visit perfectly, catching Lifeguard Supervisor Paul and one of the lifeguards doing their preopening safety checks. Paul told me that the Water Park checks the slides each and every day to ensure they are in proper working order! Paul also let me watch while he tested the water levels.

Lifeguard Nichole!paul checking the water


One of the best parts of my stroll was when I wandered through the Boat Yard Restaurant just in time to catch Marcus, son of our Food & Beverage Director Muschett, blowing out the candles on his birthday cake! Several other crew members took a few minutes out of their day to help him celebrate, too!


Happy Eleventh Birthday Marcus!

marcus blowing out candlesmarcus cutting cake



Nov 18
Strolling around the Internet

I decided to take a stroll around the Internet, just to see what was going on in the world of indoor water parks and I ended up on YouTube.

I found a few videos that really made me smile, so I had to share them with the rest of the crew on duty here at Big Splash Adventure!

Bigsplash01  and Bigsplash02 posted by Jnnmwells. Bigsplash01 shows our Buccaneer Bay structure. It has 92 interactive water features, two water slides, and a 1000 gallon dumping bucket! Bigsplash02 shows our Splish Splash pool. The Splish Splash pool is designed for little bitty guests so that they can enjoy the water park in a fun and safe area away from the bigger kids!

Photo Courtesy of M. Ginder

Photo Courtesy of Melody Ginder


Also, Crossing lily pads by wildlittlemister!  This video shows a portion of our activity pool where kids of all ages gather to check out the obstacles, the basketball hoops, the vortex whirlpool, and other fun activities!

These are great videos, and I can’t wait to find more!



Nov 17
‘Round the Resort
Oh Mary...we can still see you!

Oh Mary...we can still see you!

One thing that I absolutely love about hotels is that you never know what you may find going on at any one moment. Today I decided to take a moment to wander the hotel–just to get a feel for what was going on. Ed and Mary decorating!

Here’s what I found!

Mary and Ed, from our Seaside Market and our Security dept. were hard at work preparing the hotel for the upcoming Christmas season!

Christmas promises to be exciting here at the Resort. We’ve several fun activities planned like story-time, treasure hunts, contests, and even family movie nights beginning on Dec. 18th!

Santa and a few friends!

Santa and a few friends!

The week after Christmas will be adventurous as well!   Santa Claus has decided to spend his After-Christmas vacation here at the Resort. He’s reserved one of our largest suites from Dec. 26th through Jan. 1st! Old St. Nick stopped by one day last month during one of his practice trips around the world. I think he had a wonderful time…he spent a whole lot of time in the Water Park!